Hey there,

First of all thank you for stopping by at this page. I am Tushar Sharma (Facebook and Twitter), the person behind this blog, and let me introduce you to a silly and cute cat behind the name EdBinx – Binx, but before I tell you more about Binx, I have something to say about this blog.

EdBinx is for people like you and me. People who are always connected with their technology, expanding its limits, programming day in and day out. We love our jobs, but as soon as we encounter a bug, we are stuck. We start searching through Google, and after scrolling and reading through hundreds of pages we land on something that can produce fruitful results. Something that can help others as well. EdBinx is all about pushing out solutions to such bugs, new tricks and tips, and much more in a simple and easy to read format. Helping fellow geeks has its bliss.

Now let me tell you more about Binx, the cat behind our real  inspiration (See the pictures here). Just like most of the cats,  Binx also likes to play with new toys, explore new places to hide  and distinct ways to trouble its human. EdBinx on the other  side is a fictional counterpart of this cute little animal, which  has some of the extraordinary and super powers that can  squash the bugs troubling its human.


EdBinx can’t wait to hear from you. You can shoot me an email at contact@edbinx.com.