FBSDK or Facebook SDK makes it easy for the developer to incorporate one-click login solution into the mobile and web apps. It is not only secure but also provides a hassle free sign-up/log-in experience to the users. FBSDK is available for all key platforms and today we will be talking about how we can register as a developer on the social networking giant and start using the SDK on iOS.

Register on Facebook as Developer to use FBSDK:

Step 1: Go to developers.facebook.com and click on Register on top right corner. Accept Facebook Platform and Privacy Policy, and click Register. On successful registration, the site will give you a confirmation message. Click Done and you will be ready to integrate FBSDK in your iOS app.

Step 2: Afterward, you will be redirected to a page having few icons depicting different platforms such as Android, iOS, the web, and Facebook Canvas. Select iOS, and start typing the name of your application and click on Create New Facebook App ID.


Step 3: Next, provide a contact email address and category for the app, and click on Create App ID. The portal will then ask you to identify objects from a grid of images just to make sure you are a human, not computer bot.

Upon success, Facebook will take you to your app page where you will see an option to download the SDK and steps to install it in your app using Xcode. Don’t download it yet as I will be taking you through a process where you learn about the installation using Cocoapods with Swift as FBSDK documents currently, sports only Objective-C snippets.


In case you have entered any wrong information, you can always go back and change it by tapping on your profile > Your App Name > Settings. You will see all the required options to edit the details of your app except those generated by Facebook, such as App ID and App Secret (Keep it confidential).

Also, it would be a good idea to add an icon of size 1024 x 1024 pixels, privacy policy, and Terms of Service URLs.  There are few more advanced features on the page which you can explore, such as managing roles, analytics, and others.

FB developer portal has also provided an option to add other platforms, such as Android, to have single FB App for all other versions you have.

Tip: Do not provide Facebook login in your iOS apps just for users to use the application, or Apple might reject your app. See this Stackoverflow thread for more information on it.

Please note that until Facebook approves your app, except administrators and developers, no other person will be able to login into your app. To make it available for other developers and administrators, add them by clicking on the roles section – make sure they are on your friend list.

Why use Facebook login?

In today’s world almost everybody is available and connected through social networks websites, and the biggest player among them is Facebook. Nine out of ten applications now support either the Facebook or Google sign in to verify the authenticity of the user and also for making the sign-up process hassle-free. Of course, there is no bar on using decade-old registration forms, but it will limit your access to sensitive data which you might require in the app.

Wrap Up:

We have come to the end for this topic, but that does not end for you, Facebook’s developer portal has many other options available which you can explore and learn more about. For any queries, feel free to drop a comment. Also, stay tuned for the next article where we will be focusing on how to add the FBSDK in your app and allowing users to login in the app.